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Looking for missing money that may be owed to you??

. There are now several billion dollars in unclaimed funds in US bank
and government accounts waiting to be claimed by the rightful owners.

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Find ALL possible details of unclaimed funds
that may be claimable by you and your family.
Billions of dollars ar sitting in state unclaimed databases.

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It is estimated that more than over 50% of Americans can claim missing assets that they are unaware of.

By law, US companies have to place unassigned money in special goverment accounts where it is held for many years awaiting a claim - either by the owners or their rightful heirs.
If no claim ever arises, the money eventually goes to the goverment.

Money can go 'missing' for many reasons including:

Change of addresses, misspelled names, post office errors, name changes, divorces, company bankrupcies, death, employment re-locations, etc.

Typical funds that can be claimed include:

• Tax refunds.
• Old bank checking or savings accounts.
• Savings bonds.
• Payroll checks and cashiers checks.
• Old travelers checks and money orders.
• Unclaimed security deposits and utility deposits.
• Inheritance / wills.
• Safe deposit box contents.
• Stock dividends and certificates.

USA state databases and other online solutions can help you determine if some of this money is yours, or can be claimed by you, and can help you to get it back. It is recommended that every US adult should check for missing funds every several years, or when a relative or family member dies.

Many US states now offer direct access to their information. eg States of California , Texas , Florida , New York , Missouri, Michigan , Lousiana , Ohio , Illinois , North and South Carolina , Pennsylvania.
2015 - Unclaimed money information is now also available for public use in the states of Washington , Georgia , Missouri, Massachusetts, New Jersey , Colorado, Arizona and Oregon.

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Unclaimed Money Affiliate Program :
Earn up to 50% commission on this money making affiliate program.

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